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Smart Innovation in the Field of Medicine: Addiction Therapy-2014

Smart Innovation In The Field Of Medicine: Addiction Therapy-2014
The 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy to be held during August 4-6, 2014 Chicago, USA. Addiction Therapy-2014 aims to share the global knowledge in understanding the recent medical aspects of addiction research and treatment methods for… Continue reading

Where Can I Get Into a Drug Rehab Now With No Job or Ins?

Question by faye c: Where can I get into a drug rehab now with no job or ins?

Best answer:

Answer by Linda k
Depends where you live
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a good one called Light of Light mission.
The Salvation Army has rehabs and I think you can ask… Continue reading

Quit Smoking With Laser Acupuncture in Littleton or Denver Colorado Stop Smoking?

Question by Brian: Quit Smoking with laser acupuncture in Littleton or Denver Colorado Stop smoking?
I have a friend that needs to Quit Smoking and he lives in Littleton Colorado, I have heard about laser acupuncture to stop smoking but does it really help you quit smoking? He is very… Continue reading

Does Anbody Know of Any Free Drug Rehab Treatment Facilitys in Dallas Texas?

Question by mmm mmm good: Does anbody know of any free drug rehab treatment facilitys in Dallas Texas?
My husband is trying to find help for his drug addiction. He is sober now only because he is currently in jail for it. He will be out in a short time… Continue reading

Drug Rehab?

Question by chickster360: drug rehab?
im on 18 months formal probation and im required to go to 6-month outpatient program drug rehab. i cant afford a lot of money. does anyone have any resources for me?

Best answer:

Answer by Bertie D
um let me see No not ever

Answer… Continue reading

Laws Needed to Help Treat Drug Addiction – the Courier-Journal

Laws needed to help treat drug addiction – The Courier-Journal

Laws needed to help treat drug addiction
The Courier-Journal
I grew up in southwest Jefferson County and was fortunate to have the support, love and care of two great parents and four grandparents. We were taught right from wrong and… Continue reading