VETERANS' CORNER: Low-Tech Treatment Making a Difference in PTSD Cases

VETERANS' CORNER: Low-tech treatment making a difference in PTSD cases
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A simple, remarkably low-tech treatment is making a huge difference in the lives of soldiers with PTSD. Assigning trained service dogs to warriors with PTSD is providing these heroes with therapeutic healing and a loyal canine friend, a prescription …
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All Dogs May Go to Heaven. These Days, Some Go to Hospice.
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The approach, in the spirit of the human variety, entails ceasing aggressive medical treatment and giving pain and even anti-anxiety drugs. Unlike in hospice care for humans, euthanasia is an option — and in fact, is a big part of this end-of-life …
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Macdonald has 'significant personality disturbance'
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Macdonald had engaged in six treatment sessions with a senior departmental psychologist, focused on understanding his personality style and developing a safety plan. At the end of the treatment Macdonald was reassessed as posing low/moderate risk of …
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