War on Drugs?

Question by Coma White: War on Drugs?
Is there a point to the war on drugs? We are spending billions a yr on it, and we don’t seem to shut down many operations. And there is always going to be a way to get illegal things on the black market, no matter what restrictions you put on an item, there is a way to get it. So, do you think that money could be better spent on other things like feeding the hungry or free college education? If the drug trade was regulated, then you end the corruption, the possibility of “dirty” drugs would be gone, and there wouldn’t be the violence that we see now. Not to mention, the gov could tax away and make even more money. So, does prohibition really work?
Also, check out the Netherlands, they have legalized many “soft drugs” as they call them.
SIMONE OZBOLT, anything can kill, you can overdose on water. Not to mention, there are plenty of legal pharmaceuticals to abuse.
mikey, I was simply asking if the war on drugs is winnable, I didn’t say I wanted free drugs. I was giving the netherlands as an example that it could work to legalize some stuff.

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Answer by spag
The war on drugs is a non-winnable declaration until such time as the borders are secured.

Answer by ElIZaBEth Is CAndy KissED
The war on drugs is just another prophecy or propaganda that “the man” preaches so that the general population will blind to reality…….just a thought:)

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