What Are Yalls Opinions on the X Factor (USA) Contestant Chris Rene :) ? ?

Question by Polly Pocket????: What are yalls opinions on the X Factor (USA) contestant Chris Rene 🙂 ? ?

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Answer by XoerikaxO
He was overall a pretty good contestant on X Factor, of course the better person won which was Melanie Amaro, but I was not against him at all, I liked some of his performances. 🙂 He is certainly going places, I look forward to seeing what he does with his career in the near future. 🙂

Answer by Vera Gabriele
I like him..Simon Cowell was right that he is a nice person and I liked it that he was humble and he showed emotion when he was praised and he messed up at one point in his life…but so do many unfortunately..he experiemented with drugs..and he told that he went out driving and his car hit a tree and he must have been high somewhat when that happened but then he was lucky he never hit another person and never hit another car..and that his injuries were not that bad..and that he went to hospital and that he finally found a turning point where he went through rehab..I believe it’s hell to go through withdrawal but he was staying clear of the drugs for 8 months by the end of Xfactor so I don’t believe he will go back there..and he has a talent with music…He has the passion and the drive..he is not the best singer but he has the likability and he got the stage presence even if I thought it was weird when Astro was still there who did the rap songs that L.A. Reid made Chris Rene do rap songs as well…I was not that impressed and I believe Chris Rene can do better..he did a good job when he was sitting at that piano for a while and he played a song..then he got up and sang..that to me was one of his best performances but he can sing..other songs..he should not try to become a rapper or a hip hop singer…I believe there are other ways..but I like him and I hope he will get a recording contract and I believe he deserves the best of luck..he got charisma and he is a humble guy..I like that about him…that he never pretended to be who he was not..just like Simon said..that he never tried to pretend…x

I wish him the best..and I hope Drew and Josh and Rachel and some of the others get a chance as well..x

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