What Happens During Heroin Detox in an Addiction Treatment Program?

Question by alexandrea cc: What happens during heroin detox in an addiction treatment program?
What purpose does it serve?

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Answer by bryn i
The purpose of heroin detox is to rid the body of traces of heroin. The first stage is the clearing out of residues of the narcotics. The next stage would have nutritionists designing a specific kind of diet that the patient must adhere to. This is important because it is needed to restore the patient’s body back to it’s healthy state. The last stage of detox is the emotional detox, wherein a sense of drug-independence is instilled into the patient to prevent him from going into relapse.

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Other than the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Leeds, there are no treatment beds in Hampshire or Franklin counties, Sullivan said. Jails in both counties are licensed as detox centers, but they only treat people who have been arrested for drug …
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