What Is the Belladonna Hydrotherapy Treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

Question by JET: what is the belladonna hydrotherapy treatment for alcohol abuse?
heard this was an old treatment back in the 1930’s for people who had alochol abuse problems. trying to find out what it actually was.

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Answer by Phantene
These are two separate treatments. First, the belladonna treatment “was an old treatment for depression and muscle spasm. Belladonna, also known as Deadly Nightshade, is a powerful sedative, narcotic and muscle relaxant that is no longer widely used for such treatments because it is also poisonous.” http://anonpress.org/faq/files/read.asp?fID=25

Hydrotherapy “studies the application of water over the human body for therapeutic use. Water is a wonderful vehicle for applying heat or cold to the body due to its physical and chemical properties” http://www.mibasa.com.br/ingles/geotherapy.htm

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