What Is the History of Drug Rehab?

Question by lemonlime006: What is the history of drug rehab?

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Answer by risk it all 4 u
uhhhhh not good

Answer by 16
still in the making

How high-frequency stock trader Quantlab guarded its algorithms
He says SXP donated several million dollars to "churches, battered women's shelters and drug rehab clinics," among other nonprofits. Quantlab's federal suit seeks to bar the men from using Quantlab code and requests unspecified damages. Godlevsky and …
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26 Suspects Nabbed in Early Morning Drug Raid Here
Due to the large parking lots in the area and the nexus of transportation networks (bus, car, train) in those areas, many are coming into the city to buy and sell drugs in those locations. All that said, Revere Police said the large operation would …
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Boulevard Gardens FL-florida drug rehab — http://www.transformationstreatment.com/rehab-florida/boulevard-gardens-florida-drug-abuse/ Boulevard Gardens is in the Broward County of Florida, and has a …

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