What to Do if Friend Has Gambling Addiction?

Question by Frosty Z: what to do if friend has gambling addiction?
my friend is an avid poker player, always playing poker at casinos or online,
and i just happened to know he lost a lot of money online ~ -15,000 Usd
through an online database that shows your total profit/losses history, what do you do in these situations

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Answer by Joey Ramone
I would call one of those hotlines and talk to an expert. Normal people will have some really good advice, but having dealt with addiction myself, talking to an expert seems like the only good idea.

Answer by Happy to help
Gambling addiction is a progressive disease. In most people, it begins slowly and grows until the victim’s life becomes progressively unmanageable.

As repeated efforts to gain control over the addiction fail, life for the compulsive gambler begins to fall apart.

If the compulsive gambler could stop chasing losses, he would. All compulsive gamblers can stop gambling for a while. But most people need professional help to stop for life.

Some people can receive help without the interruption of Inpatient Rehabilitation treatment. They are able to enter recovery through the help of an Outpatient Rehabilitation program. This type of program does not require patients to take time off from work, leave their families or enter a hospital as an inpatient.

You may also take your friend to join Gamblers Anonymous (GA)- A self help group of problem gamblers.

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