Will a Detox Center in NYC Help Someone Detox From Methadone?

Question by matthew schraud: Will a detox center in NYC help someone detox from methadone?
I’ve been on methadone treatment for over a year because of a heroin addiction. I want to get off it because i want to go into a program for alcoholics but they dont accept people on drugs. I don’t want to do it at home because I know its extremely painful and dangerous. I live in NYC. Is there a detox center that will detox me from this drug?

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Answer by Sam
Is there anyway you would be ok with leaving the state? I am surprised because most detox centers will detox you off of anything. Look specifically for detoxes that specialize in methadone withdrawal because usually methadone detoxes require special medications.


Check out that link above. It will tell you all about methadone withdrawal and you could find help if you call the number to find the right detox for you. I dont know if it will work but it may be worth a shot.

Answer by Narconon
Narconon can help you. I’m not sure about NYC but there is one near Boston. You should call them tomorrow, go to the website for more info.

About the withdrawal, there is no better solution than the Narconon program. They will help you all the way, they same way they helped me.

I was an addict to many drugs for over 15 years and tried to quit cold turkey many times. I also tried many rehabs unsuccessfully until I found Narconon. I have been 100% clean for over 15 years now–I drink a beer occasionally though.

I remember that we had set up a detox center in NYC after the 10-11 Attacks to help all the emergency personnel that fell sick due to the toxic air spread around the city. Fireman, police and other emergency personnel that did the detox swear by its benefits. There must be one of these centers near by but I suggest to call to get exact data.

Also, I recommend that you go to the Narconon website and learn about the program and why it works and why is the best program in the world and in use in more than 40 countries.

You can do it. You won’t ever regret being free of drugs for good.

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