World Drug Addiction Statistics?

Question by : World Drug Addiction Statistics?
I was extremely curious if anyone has a chart or something saying what percentage of the population are drug/alcohol addicts split up country to country. It seems like the rate is very high in the United States meaning that just being born here makes us more prone to drug addiction. Very interesting..

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Answer by dcokefiend
I don’t think we are more prone, we just have a lot more access. People can abuse prescription drugs quite easily by going to different MD’s. Then they get hooked and will buy off the street if they can’t get a prescription. Just like we have more shootings than most places, the guns are easily had.

Answer by Nina
Hi, Max. 20 years ago more than 1 million people were arrested for drugs every year; about 80% if tgese arrests were prosecuted and 50% of those arrested actually went to jail. More than 1.2 million were in federal and state prisons and jails, 1/3 of state prisoners, 1/4 of jail inmates, and 2/5 of youth convicted of a violent crime said they were under the influence of a drug at the time of their offense. Imagine what it is today. Don’t have stats for other countries.

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