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Making Work Calls in Rehab a 'no-no,' Experts Say of Rob Ford Reports

Making work calls in rehab a 'no-no,' experts say of Rob Ford reports
TORONTO – Rob Ford is reportedly continuing to work, making calls to constituents, while in an undisclosed treatment centre for alcohol and possibly drug abuse. If true, the Toronto mayor could be seriously compromising his chances of… Continue reading

Addiction Specialist Weighs in on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Addiction Specialist Weighs in on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford — Lorne Hildebrand, executive director of Edgewood Addiction Treatment Centre (Nanaimo, BC), lead a session at the fourth annual Healing and Treating Trauma, A…

Home Living Proposed methadone clinic near school worries…
MISSISSAUGA — Mississauga mother Penny Snowdon appreciates the need… Continue reading

Decorated Bay City Soldier Says He's on the Cusp of Putting Opiate Addiction

Decorated Bay City soldier says he's on the cusp of putting opiate addiction
"I paused a few times when I really felt a lot of withdrawal symptoms," he said. "I would pause for a week at a … Methadone is synthetic opioid intended to relieve addicts of withdrawal symptoms… Continue reading

Neighbours Raise Concerns Over Proposed Treatment Centre Near Pasiley

Neighbours raise concerns over proposed treatment centre near Pasiley
Brockton council heard concerns about a proposed teen residential drug addiction treatment centre south of Paisley.
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Doctors, Medical Staff on Drugs Put Patients at Risk

Doctors, medical staff on drugs put patients at risk
Drug abuse not uncommon among medical professional…: America's prescription drug epidemic reaches deep into the health care community. Across the country, tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and other health professionals …
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Student faces… Continue reading

How Much Is Drug Rehab a Month in California?

Question by mr. frodo: How much is drug rehab a month in California?
any drug, i just need an estimate for a school project. Orange County.

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Answer by Dr Hrvacic
It costs hundreads unless you are admitted by the state, which would then be for free.

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