Define and Give Examples of the Following: Drug Abuse Addiction and Rehabilitation?

Question by Ryan: Define and give examples of the following: drug abuse addiction and rehabilitation?

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Answer by Captain Underpants
examples of drug abuse addiction and rehab could be amy winehouse

Answer by Ashley
Drug abuse- the habitual taking of addictive or illegal drugs

Addiction- the fact or condition of being addicted to to a particular substance, thing, or activity

Rehabilitation- To restore something lot and bring it back to normal

Drug abuse- when someone does drugs very often or takes a prescription for a reason other than what it was prescribed for

Addiction- when someone continues to do drugs even though they know it is bad for them and their life

Rehabilitation- when you work at a set of goals and follow certain procedures to bring something back to normal like getting someone off of drugs you bring the old them back, the person that was there before drugs got involved

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