St Peters Drug Rehab?

Question by mom of 5: st peters drug rehab?
does any one know the phone number or web address to saint peter drug rehab in houston tx. its not in the phone book.

Best answer:

Answer by JT
Couldn’t fins St Peters but here is a list of other rehab places in Houston

Accuracy Testing Plus Company
923 E Pasadena Fwy
Houston, TX
(713) 932-7393

Peachford House

Houston, TX
(281) 447-9875

A Drug 24 Hour Abuse Aaaa

Houston, TX
(713) 237-0545

A Alcohol 24 Hour Abuse A & A
1121 Capitol St
Houston, TX
(713) 226-7407

Texas Clinic Fulton
6311 Fulton St
Houston, TX
(713) 694-8100

American Drug Testing
412 Main St
Houston, TX
(713) 226-7847

Detox & Treatment Center
301 W Pierce St
Houston, TX
(281) 428-5333

Right Step Residential Treatment
902 W Alabama St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-3709

Texas Recovering Addictions
2511 Gregg St
Houston, TX
(713) 225-9418

Men Detox & Recovery
3809 Main St
Houston, TX
(713) 524-3682

Narcotics Anonymous
1004 Palmer St
Houston, TX
(713) 943-1111

Houston Maintenance Clinic Incorporated
4608 Main St
Houston, TX
(713) 527-0064

David S Genac PhD , Licensed Psychologist
1712 Fairview St
Houston, TX
(713) 899-3769

Set Free Dat Drug Alchl Trtmn
3333 Fannin St Ste 111
Houston, TX
(713) 520-8042

Next Step
4124 Kolb St
Houston, TX
(713) 880-5885

Avalos-Garcia & Association
4101 San Jacinto St Ste 110
Houston, TX
(713) 528-2155

Toxicology Associates
4405 Caroline St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-2071

Recovery Foundation Incorporated
4312 Crane St
Houston, TX
(713) 678-4443

Trs Behavioral Care Incorporated
902 W Alabama St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-3709

Yamo Tobacco Prevention
3422 Holman St
Houston, TX
(713) 741-4591

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