How Can I Detox From Methadone Easily & Without Getting 2 Sick & Without Checking in 2 a Facility?

Question by barrycarpenter9509: how can i detox from methadone easily & without getting 2 sick & without checking in 2 a facility?

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Answer by qtpie20121
Unfortunately, NO. As a methadone advocate and a nurse I get asked this question more than any other because methadone detox is so uncomfortable and lasts so long people hope there is a secret pill or something that will help and there just isn’t. Everyone has a different experience and a different story about what worked for them. A coomon thread in most of these however is Don’t detox alone!, GO SLOW!, Drink water so you don’t become dehydrated, exercise if at all possible, lack of sleep is the biggest complaint people have because it seems to last the longest. I could go on but let me give you a link to a forum where you can read others detox tips and ask questions…
Good Luck.

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She even sold her TV to buy drugs — but she vowed to give up the habit after seeing her new born go through a detox. … The pair are pictured shortly after Georgia's birth when she had to be given methadone to prevent her suffering withdrawal symptoms.
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We still do not have a detox facility nearby. Union Hospital does not have a Behavioral and Mental Health Unit. There is a six-week waiting list for mental health counselors. There is a long line at the methadone clinic every day, which is just another …
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