Who Owns Drug-rehabs.org?

Question by Sue: Who owns drug-rehabs.org?
I went to this website and it says that it is a non-profit organization name “Drug-Rehabs.Org”.
I have not been able to find who owns it or any information about the organization. The “about us” part of their website does not give anything. I looked into a site before and they wouldn’t give me the true information about them and they called and pressured me. I finally found out they were owned by the Church of Scientology. That is Ok, but I don’t like the deception.
Anyone know who owns this organization?

Best answer:

Answer by Ben
I don’t. Just about 6,999,999,999 people left.

Answer by Steve_S
That site is suspicious because it omits a lot of data and I would steer clear of it just on that basis. But I can clarify a couple of things for you.
Firstly, the Church of Scientology doesn’t own any drug rehab centers as far as I know. It says that it sponsors (ie. donates money toward) the Narconon drug rehab centres and that may be true of the Narconon headquarters at Arrowhead, but I don’t think it is generally true. Each Narconon centre is independently owned.

It is true to say that the Church of Scientology has a great deal of control over those centres because of a licensing agreement each one has with a part of the Church called ABLE. That agreement dictates the methods used to rehab addicts. If it is a Narconon site I don’t know why they don’t use their own name.

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