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Can Physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) Treat Addictions?

Question by : Can physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) treat addictions?
Addiction is a disease, and it is debilitating. And the sufferers need rehabilitation. But as far as I know, physiatrists don’t treat addiction. I want to know for sure is they do or don’t, and if… Continue reading

How Does the VA Help Veterans With Alcohol/drug Addictions…?

Question by marybuko: How does the VA help veterans with alcohol/drug addictions…?
…my next door neighbor is a Vietnam Vet and has a bad alcohol/drug addiction. He said the VA has sent him to drug rehabs, but he still has a substance abuse problem…and probably also has PTSD.… Continue reading

Is There an Online Support Group for People With a Family Member That Is Struggling With Drug Addiction?

Question by fake_blonde: Is there an online support group for people with a family member that is struggling with drug addiction?
I have a loved one with a substance abuse problem and it has taken its toll on me emotionally over the years. I was wondering if… Continue reading

What Is the Belladonna Hydrotherapy Treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

Question by JET: what is the belladonna hydrotherapy treatment for alcohol abuse?
heard this was an old treatment back in the 1930’s for people who had alochol abuse problems. trying to find out what it actually was.

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Answer by Phantene
These… Continue reading

Why President Obama Must Act on Mass Incarceration

Why President Obama must act on mass incarceration
That means fewer dollars for law enforcement, drug treatment and rehabilitation, and re-entry programs to reduce recidivism – all priorities with a better record than imprisonment at reducing crime. As noted in a Brennan Center report released this …
Read more on… Continue reading

Dual Diagnosis Patients: Treating Clients With Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Dual Diagnosis Patients: Treating Clients with Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Issues — This webinar will review current trends in co-occurring disorders, identify the most common mental health issues among addicted patients, review screening an…

Kennebec County Veterans Treatment Court to expand
The program operates in conjunction with the Co-Occurring… Continue reading