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How to Stop a Drug Addiction?

Question by v3v2mvp: how to stop a drug addiction?
liek its not me but lie ksomeone i knwo and like care about very much has one and liek she/ he doesnt want help form liek a mentaly ill place wiht crazy peokle ( no offence to them)… Continue reading

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Leslie, 31, charged with online prostitution and drug use strives to regain custody of her daughter. Julia, 27, doesn't want her son to end up in rehab. In the program the moms learn recovery, parenting and life skills, and transition into the …
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What Are Some Drug Addiction Centers in Orlando Florida?

Question by Justin N: what are some drug addiction centers in orlando florida?

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Answer by itsjunglepat
Bridges of America- one in a very bad area of Orlando and one in Sanford. These are on court-ordered only basis for non-violent criminals.
Veterans’ service which can be contacted thru the… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of a Good Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center in Milwaukee, WI?

Question by EzraMoon: Does anyone know of a good detox and inpatient treatment center in Milwaukee, WI?

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Answer by kermit
I’ve heard Meta House is really good.
Are you a woman? They specialize in women. Its downtown on prospect.

my friend was doing outpatiet stuff there… she… Continue reading

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Sunset Park drug counseling center expanding its mission
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Prescription Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Detoxing

Prescription Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Detoxing — Opiate abuse and addiction can have serious effects. As this video explains, some people have a biological predisposition to prescription painkiller addictio…

New Runnemede Helpline Provides Hope for Teenage Addiction Recovery
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