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Legal High Campaigner Not Resting

Legal high campaigner not resting
Legal highs may have been effectively banned by the Government but a Tokoroa woman who started a nationwide campaign against the drugs is not resting. Julie King is short in stature – 1.52m tall – but this Kiwi battler has fought her demons and …… Continue reading

Life Sux. I Want 2 drink.sober 3 1/2yrs. I Weighed Pros N Cons. Worst Situation, My Bf Won’t Give Me A2ndchanc

Question by Very Close 2 Drink: Life sux. i want 2 drink.sober 3 1/2yrs. i weighed pros n cons. worst situation, my bf won’t give me a2ndchanc

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Answer by Shan
As a relapsed, but recovering alcoholic, all I can say is that YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! and probably… Continue reading

Struggle With Legal Highs

Struggle with legal highs
Hamish has struggled with substance abuse and addiction his whole life and spent six months in prison and two-and-a-half years in rehab as a result. His fiancee, who doesn't want to be named, says his synthetic cannabis addiction was tearing the family …
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Fight Against Drugs Moves to Cocaine, Ketamine and Legal Highs

Fight against drugs moves to cocaine, ketamine and legal highs
AS treatment providers get a grip on helping heroin addicts, the struggle to eradicate the harmful affects of drugs is turning to those hooked on cocaine, ketamine and legal highs. Share this image. The number of addicts aged … We… Continue reading

Drug Movies on Netflix?

Question by : drug movies on netflix?
What are some good drugs movies, that includes teenagers and like stuff that teenagers will do, I’m always interested in those movies, and i really like them. thank you

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Answer by Mystic Disciple
Trainspotting is one of my favorites. Requiem for… Continue reading

Drug Pushers Get the Message in Timaru New Zealand

Drug Pushers get the Message in Timaru New Zealand — Thanks to good ole Ronnie Boy, doing his part in New Zealand to stamp out these drug dealers 🙂 Addicted Death Sentence is a non-profit group of people tryin…

1/3 of NZ families affected by alcohol and drug problems
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