South Africa

South African Drug Rehab

South African Drug Rehab — Discover how to choose the best South African Drug Rehab and Drug Rehab Center. This decision could be the most importan…

Ice Cube blasts MTV for Paul Walker win
Officials told gossip website that the medical examiner, who conducted the autopsy, classified his… Continue reading

Cooper Makes Strong Start

Cooper makes strong start
Former junior world champion Anton Cooper made a strong start to his international mountainbike season, finishing fifth in the opening round of the UCI World Cup in South Africa at the weekend. The 19-year-old Cantabrian made a competitive start to the …

Human… Continue reading

Star Musician Tackles Drug Abuse Among the Youth in South Africa

Star musician tackles drug abuse among the youth in South Africa

Fighting the evil drugs and gangsterism – Patricia de Lille
To reduce crime and violence in South Africa we have to deal with the root causes of drug addiction and abuse. The challenge begins in our families, with… Continue reading

Fraternity Chief Feared for Son as Hazings Spurred JPMorgan Snub

Fraternity Chief Feared for Son as Hazings Spurred JPMorgan Snub
Fearing racial strife over the government's apartheid policy, the family left South Africa in the late 1970s when Cohen was 16. When he announced the pledging ban, Cohen compared the treatment of new members as “second-class citizens” to the abuse… Continue reading

Help. How Do I Help My Cousin Off Drug Addiction?

Question by Francisco Alves: Help. How do I help my cousin off drug addiction?
Last year he tried to kill himself during his addiction to cocaine and other narcotics. He smokes weed. He drinks too much. I dont know if hes tried crack or more. Anyways when he gets depressed… Continue reading

EFT in Drug Rehab in South Africa

EFT In Drug Rehab In South Africa — EFT video explaining some of the background of drug and addiction challenges, from drug rehab expert and EFT Practitioner of the Energy Healers Association. …

Chris Brown kicked out of rehab, taken into police custody
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