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'Made in New York' Spirit Lovers Are Drinking to Its Revival

'Made in New York' spirit lovers are drinking to its revival
Its first product is called Owney's NYC Rum. “When it's time to label the bottles, I ask friends and family to come and help me. The rest of the time, it's all by myself,” Firtle said. She hopes… Continue reading

Michigan Drug Rehab Help Call 877-589-4560

Michigan Drug Rehab Help Call 877-589-4560 — Michigan Drug Rehab | Addiction Rehabilitation Is someone close to you struggling with addiction? Are you located in Michigan? Read on to find out where you …

From the Daily: Fighting Molly (and other drugs)
In a recent news report by the… Continue reading

Need Recommendation for a Good Rehab in LA, and a Good Wedding Chaple in Las Vegas?

Question by probum: Need recommendation for a good rehab in LA, and a good wedding chaple in Las Vegas?
Looking for rehab for drug or alcohol addiction in Los Angles, and a wedding chapel in Las Vegas (cheesier the better, near greyhound station the best)!

If you have recommendations or… Continue reading

1 CD Rehab Camp – Nicaragua, Photos & Description

1 CD Rehab Camp – Nicaragua, Photos & Description — Chemical Dependency Care (treatment) facility in Nicaragua Photos and Description: Based on my over thirty five years of experience in the field of chemical …

'Seinfeld' actor John Pinette, 50, dies in Pittsburgh hotel
Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images The… Continue reading

My Strange Addiction: Netflix Bingeing

My Strange Addiction: Netflix Bingeing — A documentary production on the dangers of binge watching TV on Netflix. Created by Jazzy Fizzle Productshizzle at Emory University in 2014 as part of Campus…

Peabody Awards laud 'House of Cards,' 'Orange Is the New Black,' 'Scandal'
Public broadcaster PBS won 12 awards,… Continue reading

Brooklyn, NY: Russian Immigrants Seek Culturally Appropriate Substance Abuse Treatment

Brooklyn, NY: Russian immigrants seek culturally appropriate substance abuse treatment — Personal stories of Russian speaking immigrants who initiated drug use in the United States.

Bogus event booker from Brooklyn slammed by victims as he gets up to eight
By Shayna Jacobs / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Thursday …… Continue reading