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Why Another Ft Hood Slaughter?

Why Another Ft Hood Slaughter?
Soldiers undergoing medical treatment for mental health issues endure a process of screening and evaluation. ….. In September, the committee held a hearing to examine patient deaths at VA hospitals in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas and Jackson, Miss.
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Serious ?..How to Help a Heroin Addict Detox Without Suffering From Withdrawal symptoms.outside of Rehab.?

Question by maddy: Serious ?..How to help a heroin addict detox without suffering from withdrawal symptoms.outside of rehab.?
Withdrawing from heroin without treatment cant be deadly, but how can someone withdraw or stop using without going into a rehab? One alternative i here of is Methodone, which in my opinion… Continue reading

Project Linus Blankets Comfort Children Facing Medical Treatment

Project Linus blankets comfort children facing medical treatment
Barbara Sappie, who received the Jefferson Award for Most Outstanding Volunteer of the Year for Public Service in 2010, brought the project to Pittsburgh in 1997. Locally, more than 800 blanketeers make, collect, clean and distribute blankets for …
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The Uncounted

The Uncounted
Others had sought help but felt they didn't get adequate treatment. Mullen knew two wives, each ….. But at least four other states — Florida, Colorado, Texas and Arizona — have enacted laws to help military spouses get jobs, Benson said. First lady …
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Rare New Jersey, BioNJ and NORD to Collaborate on Rare Disease Day Event

Rare New Jersey, BioNJ and NORD to Collaborate on Rare Disease Day Event
As a result of this early warning, the family gained access to the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment at CHOP and special measures were taken during pregnancy, the birthing process and after. The intensive… Continue reading

Engel: First, Prevent and Treat Drug Addiction –

Engel: First, prevent and treat drug addiction –

Engel: First, prevent and treat drug addiction
It is my belief that the best way to undermine the death grip the Mexican drug cartels have on their own country and the Northern Kentucky community and others is to immediately provide… Continue reading