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How Do the Hospitals Detox the Drug Infants?

Question by Emma Brown: How do the hospitals detox the drug infants?
I am watching police women of Dallas county and there is an episode where one of the police officers confronts a woman who is pregnant and is a heroine user. She says she had a daughter a few… Continue reading

Taking on Opiates in the North Country: Task Force Hears Gut-Wrenching

Taking on Opiates in the North Country: Task Force Hears Gut-Wrenching
… struggling with drugs since he was a teenager. "I've seen many of my friends get lengthy prison sentences, and I've seen loved ones of mine die," McKeen said Friday in front of State Senators Betty Little (R-NY… Continue reading

Name This Book? YA, Drug Addiction, Prostitution, Music.?

Question by : Name this book? YA, drug addiction, prostitution, music.?
I read a book about a year ago and can’t recall the name of it. It’s about a musician named Alexander who is in a band and meets a teenage prostitute(who I believe is named Patty,… Continue reading

Alcoholics & Drug Addicts Welcome?

Question by tazman: alcoholics & drug addicts welcome?
I have been a non-practicing alci for 1 1/2 years.I spent 30 days in rehab up in rockford il. were there was a very diverse mix of alci’s & addicts & I’ve been to both A.A. & N.A meetings.they seem… Continue reading

My Friend Needs to Detox Off Heroin Naturally, What Is the Best Home Remedy WITHOUT Any Methadone/suboxone?

Question by Lily Jayne: My friend needs to detox off heroin naturally, what is the best home remedy WITHOUT any methadone/suboxone?
What is the best possible way to detox off heroin without any narcotics or drugs to make it better. What will help ease the symptoms? Please specify! Thank you!… Continue reading

World Drug Addiction Statistics?

Question by : World Drug Addiction Statistics?
I was extremely curious if anyone has a chart or something saying what percentage of the population are drug/alcohol addicts split up country to country. It seems like the rate is very high in the United States meaning that just being born here… Continue reading