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Three Ways to Get a Drug Addict to Consider a Drug Rehab Centre

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Several individuals have formulated or theorized about some of the best ways to help a drug addict consider a drug rehab centre. Some have been successful with a certain number of people while some also failed with a certain number of individuals.

What it really boils down to is whether or not the drug addict is ready and willing to change or not.

Here are a few methods or strategies which can be enforced or implemented as a way of trying to help an addict enter a drug rehab centre and get sober.

1. The ‘Tough Love’ Approach— the first approach that’s been commonly suggested is the ‘Tough Love’ style or approach. This is typically characterized by the addict’s family, relatives and/or friends deciding that they would decline or refuse all requests of their addicted loved one in hopes of helping them be more willing to accept help with their addiction and go into a drug rehab centre sooner. To say “decline or refuse all requests of their addicted loved one”, it means that they would usually decline or refuse request of cash, transportation and shelter unless they agree to go to a drug rehab centre.

2. The Drug Intervention Method. This style or method has gained greater and extensive popularity because of its capacity to emotionally break down the drug addict enough to realize that indeed they need help. The process of drug intervention entails getting a team of trained professionals to assist the closest friends and family of the addict in breaking apart or disrupting their loved one’s drug use.

This is becoming an even more popular technique of trying to encourage a drug addict to go to a drug rehab centre. Drug Intervention is a great and effective process in that it is able to reach a particular level of success no matter what the addicted person decides to do. If the addict himself/herself ultimately chooses not to accept any help yet the family or friends obtain new coping skills, then is it not a success?

3. The No Matter What Approach. The “No Matter What” approach is typically and characteristically identified by repeated attempts to fix or repair the problem with money. This approach is very common and usual among families that have financial and material wealth. The well-off family would try to lure or coax their addicted loved one into trying to get sober by means of buying or providing them with new clothes, acquiring them new homes or buying them brand new cars and many others.

They would usually supply them with all of the money more than they need and send them on vacations, but not realizing that they are in fact harming their addicted loved one more than helping them. Once things and situations get really bad they begin to send them to a high-priced drug rehab centre. This sets in motion a very unpleasant cycle. It is usually at this point that the addicted individuals go into an extremely severe downward spiral.

Their drug use and drug addiction would get worse and worse with every relapse (to fall back or revert to a former state, especially to regress after partial recovery from an illness.) Nevertheless, I can say that these are the most common alternatives selected, although these 3 options or choices are not the end all be all. Which option you will select is entirely up to you now that you have this information.

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