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Centre Rehab

GSU Student Works Through Addictions, STD Homelessness

GSU student works through addictions, STD homelessness
Jones credits the Restoration Program at the New Living Word Ministries in Ruston for helping him succeed. With only one semester left of financial aid and six classes to complete, Jones was accepted into the program, where he is motivated to stay… Continue reading

Drug-Addicted Mothers and Babies Face Challenges, Say Justine Simmons & Heidi Albertsen

Drug-Addicted Mothers and Babies Face Challenges, Say Justine Simmons & Heidi Albertsen — Click to donate here: http://www.lesc.org/donations.html The Lower Eastside Service Center, a haven that helps aid opiate addicted mothers in New York City, …

My mother, the drug addict
“I've done drugs,” she said. My eyes widened… Continue reading

Project Lifeline Working to Fight Drug Addictions

Project Lifeline working to fight drug addictions
Hodges said addictions to substances like drugs and alcohol often involve criminal activity, and many addicts end up in prison. While serving their time, many who need it don't receive enough help recovering from their addictions. When they get out of …
Read… Continue reading

16×9 – Cold Reality of Canada’s Northern Communities

16×9 – Cold Reality of Canada’s northern communities — Poverty, soaring crime rates, crippling drug addiction – that’s the cold reality in some of Canada’s Northern communities. Sean Mallen has this shocking 16:9…

A gift to the drug kingpins
Of these, roughly 500,000 Americans are incarcerated on any given night… Continue reading

'Made in New York' Spirit Lovers Are Drinking to Its Revival

'Made in New York' spirit lovers are drinking to its revival
Its first product is called Owney's NYC Rum. “When it's time to label the bottles, I ask friends and family to come and help me. The rest of the time, it's all by myself,” Firtle said. She hopes… Continue reading

Fighting Back: Building a New Life After the Army

Fighting back: Building a new life after the Army
Linda's advice to anyone in the same position as her family and needing help from government agencies and charities is straightforward: "Don't take no for an answer. Dig your … And if you were in a contact, the adrenalin is amazing… Continue reading