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Are There Rehabilitation Centers for Television Addiction?

Question by Tim: Are there rehabilitation centers for television addiction?
I never thought about it, but is there? lol this question just kinda entered my mind. also, i have a friend who watches TV like 6 hours a day O_O

Best answer:

Answer by avatar r0xz
Yeah it’s called the woods…

Answer by Steve
Its has bad as being on the computer 6 hours a day which some people stay on for 10 hours a day. Also there are most teenage boys that play videogames all day and sneak to play videogames at night aswell. No i dont think there isint because this usally happens to kids not adults. Parents just tell there kids to stop, ground them, make them play outside like a sport. Anything to get you off sitting down all day. Its also bad for your health and not because of the old thing people said about television giving off radiation. New tv’s dont have that anymore. Its bad for your health because your not getting any excercise at all and you block out everything else on your mind like doing chores, homework, ect.

Sorry if i talked alot anyways i hope this helps

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