I NEED Methadone Withdrawal & Detox Help!! Do Detox Products Actually Work?

Question by BlueBelle: I NEED Methadone Withdrawal & Detox help!! Do detox products actually work?
I have been decreasing my dosage from 20 mgs per day all the way down to 2.5 mgs per day. To be honest, I’m surprised I got that far on my own. But, I can’t seem to go any lower than that. Going to a detox facility isn’t an option right now, I just can’t do it financially. It was really, really hard to cut back, it took me 2 months. I would absolutely love to stop taking it. I tried yesterday and ended up vomiting all day, so obviously cold turkey is out of the question. I found http://www-detoxproducts.com , Strip 7 Day Permanent Total Body Detox, do products like these actually work? Any help would be appreciated.
The pills I have are 10 mgs each, I am cutting them in 1/8. I take 1/8 3 times a day. I’m not sure how to cut back without having withdrawal symptoms. I understand that I am going to have some symptoms, I just don’t want the violent vomiting and pain from head to toe.

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Answer by Jessica M
Try going lower than the 2.5 mgs. Maybe 2 mgs then smaller.

Answer by big puffy shoes
They are unhealthy and produce no results.

These scams do not detox your body. Your body detoxes itself automatically of ‘toxins.’

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