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Rehabilitation centres

Michael’s House Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and Rehab Re-Dedication

Michael’s House Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and Rehab Re-Dedication – Watch Alan Downs and Arlene Rosen comment on the re-dedication of Michael’s House drug and alcohol treatment center with detox and rehab programs. Dr. Alan D…


We know how to help the needy, but who's listening?
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Blair's Former Adviser Simon Stevens Will Be New Health Service Chief

Blair's former adviser Simon Stevens will be new health service chief
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… executive of NHS England next April. Ministers were impressed by Mr Stevens' reforming instincts as an adviser to Mr Blair and the former Labour Health Secretary Alan Milburn. He drove the introduction… Continue reading

Trafficking Law Doubts

Trafficking law doubts
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For example, she said that, in instances of sex trafficking, victims were often coerced into taking drugs and needed appropriate rehabilitation. “It is difficult to place victims in existing rehabilitation centres, as trauma may affect mental and …
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Alcohol Rehab: Canada’s Patchwork of Drug Treatment: Where Do You Turn When You’ve Hit Rock … – Ottawa Citizen

Canada’s patchwork of drug treatment: Where do you turn when you’ve hit rock … – Ottawa Citizen
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Ottawa Citizen
Canada's patchwork of drug treatment: Where do you turn when you've hit rock
Ottawa Citizen
The answer lies in a patchwork of residential drug-rehabilitation… Continue reading

Musicians Dying to Drug Abuse

Musicians Dying To Drug Abuse
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Langa, who casually referred to himself as Rais wa Mateja (the addicts' president), explained that his fight with addiction led him to seek many solutions, including visits to different rehabilitation centres and even a visit to the famed Loliondo …… Continue reading

Is Mental Illness a Lifetime Sentence?

Is mental illness a lifetime sentence?
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He said failure to trace relatives, the hospital is left with no choice but to repatriate these mentally ill patients to rehabilitation centres like Matero Aftercare, Insazu in Chipata and Mimosa in Chilanga. Mr Mwaba revealed that there have… Continue reading