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Suspect in Killing of Iraqi Refugee in Sacramento Pleads Guilty

Suspect in killing of Iraqi refugee in Sacramento pleads guilty
Caylor's wife, Sherralyn Caylor, a nurse in Idaho, expressed sympathy for Alawsi's family. “It breaks my heart. … Caylor admitted he'd never filed income taxes but said he had a job, mental health counseling and drug rehab set up. After… Continue reading

Will a Detox Center in NYC Help Someone Detox From Methadone?

Question by matthew schraud: Will a detox center in NYC help someone detox from methadone?
I’ve been on methadone treatment for over a year because of a heroin addiction. I want to get off it because i want to go into a program for alcoholics but they dont accept people… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Fontana CA

Drug Treatment Fontana CA — – Fontana, a quiet yet popular city within the limits of San Bernardino County is well known for its rich history. With a …

FBI: California State Sen. Leland Yee arrested
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California state senator who was lauded for his… Continue reading

Family's Bid for Experimental Drug Goes Viral

Family's bid for experimental drug goes viral
RALEIGH, N.C. – An obscure Durham drug company is facing a barrage of unwanted national attention for refusing to donate potentially lifesaving drugs to a 7-year-old boy who is gravely ill. Chimerix, a company with no products on the market, has spent …… Continue reading

State Says Gang Members Can Reform, Earn Better Prison Treatment

State says gang members can reform, earn better prison treatment
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SACRAMENTO – Prison officials revealed new rules Friday that they say will make California the first state to recognize that inmates can quit prison gangs and put that lifestyle behind them, allowing them to escape… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment: “Bangor’s Burden” Part 2: Addiction Treatment Controversy – WABI

“Bangor’s Burden” Part 2: Addiction Treatment Controversy – WABI
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“Bangor's Burden” Part 2: Addiction Treatment Controversy
Studies suggest opiate addiction is a serious problem here. A 2011 federal report shows that Mainers are seeking treatment at a higher rate than any other state. Bangor is… Continue reading