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Are Certain Types of Adolescents Prone to Drug Abuse?

Question by marie: are certain types of adolescents prone to drug abuse?
Are certain “types” of adolescents more prone to drug abuse than others?

I need websites or answers?

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Answer by Raging Moderate
Drug abuse can be experimentation or it can be hard core addiction. Depends… Continue reading

I Have a Two Part Question on Online Alcohol Rehab?

Question by No T: I have a two part question on online alcohol rehab?
Part one is has anyone heard of It says it’s free and a 3 month program but the only review I could find on it said they charged the guys card and kept charging it… Continue reading

Boyfriend With a Drug Addiction.. Please Take the Time to Read.?

Question by Alexia J.: Boyfriend with a drug addiction.. Please take the time to read.?
I met my boyfriend 6 years ago. We dated for a year when I was 14 and then began dating again last August. During our time away from each other he developed an opiate addiction,… Continue reading

I’ve Been on Methadone for 7 Years and Can’t Get Off It, I’ve Try Ed Slow Detox Still It Don’t Work. HELP?

Question by love doctor (bigant): I’ve been on methadone for 7 years and can’t get off it, I’ve try ed slow detox still it don’t work. HELP?

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Answer by William Baldwin
What is methadone and what is it for? What is the dosage, and did a doctor give… Continue reading

Drugs & Alcohol Recovery PPO Health Insurance

Drugs & Alcohol Recovery PPO Health Insurance — Drugs & Alcohol Recovery PPO Health Insurance Up to K in Addiction Treatment Benefits with PPO Insurance Call 877-929-9059 for more information. This is a…

Your View: Massachusetts cupable for plague of drug addiction
We support the activity by using state funds… Continue reading

Addiction Is an Illness That Benefits From Treatment –

Addiction is an illness that benefits from treatment –

Addiction is an illness that benefits from treatment
The governor's most recent remarks on addiction and the possibilities offered through treatment came on March 13, at a town hall in Mount Laurel. He spoke of “seeing miracles happen” —… Continue reading